New Audio Delight at TBN!

It took a while to update the Musibrarium this month (nonono, my wrist has nothing to do with it!) but’s SOFA has really done it this time! Baldheaded John’s Vault now features tunes from two late 60ies concerts (LUC Appleton ’69, FC Los Angeles ’68). In Member Contributions you’ll find an FZ medley, performed by TBN’s Big Swifty, and carefully doctored by SOFA. At the Musibrarium, you’ll also find a mini-concert from that lovable, former sideman Mike Keneally (Stunt Guitar for the ’88 band). Enjoy!

One thought on “New Audio Delight at TBN!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Barry; I hope everyone enjoys the tunes.
    I do need to add, tho’ that it’s TBN Member Cleetus, who is in the band “Big Swifty & Associates” that provided the music for the member’s contribution.
    All the best!

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