No War.

If you consider a “pre-emptive” war against Iraq (or any nation for that matter) a reckless, dangerous, potentially catastrophic, and downright stupid endeavour as I do, then please leave a comment with your name/email and why you oppose against it. Consider it a poor man’s online petition. Say NO to war. We can’t just sit around and let this happen!

26 Responses to “No War.”

  1. Joeri says:

    We are the first few generations that – until now – have never experienced war. I’d like to keep it that way.

  2. Dennis P. McCann says:

    It is my belief that if the US can just survive two more years of Bush in office, all this war can be easily avoided – which demonstrates that it isn’t necessary to begin with.

  3. Irene says:

    Since war leave its traces only with those who are not responsible, thus innocent and harmless, it is most likely to leave them with nothing other than building up their country, which is something they had not wanted to see destructed in the first place.

    Poverty (and innocence) keeps people decent!

    Power to the people !

    Evil to the powers that be !

  4. Al Stone says:

    I oppose this war as I have opposed all wars in my adult life: wars don’t achieve what the people who propose them claim. The war aims always hide something else. Wars are unjust, immoral, ans plain dumb. We must do all we can to stop them before they start and, if humankind is to have a future, show there are other, better ways to solve our disputes and problems.

  5. Nigel Dodd says:

    Frank once said that one of the best things that mankind was best at is killing off his own species….?? Let’s hope he’s not right for once…

  6. David M. Turner says:

    Unfortunately, these kinds of things don’t just happen. They’re planned and practiced over a number of years (decades?) in order to make sure everything works right; you know – the bad guys have to put on a good show too. Think about it: war is BIG BUSINESS. They rehearse and set up an entertaining act just like professional wrestlers, only the casualties are real…

  7. Gabriela says:

    War is nonsense for those of us that are not in that BIG BUSINESS. I sign the petition. Say NO to war!

  8. chipo says:

    No. Not now, not ever, never.

  9. Serra Osburn says:

    what is there to say, I dont want to send my brothers and sisters over into somebody elses business and certainly not so people can run their SUV’s for a little cheaper.

  10. Adrian Clark says:

    Oh… I disagree with it on so many levels. I mean, it’s understandable that Bush would see Saddam as a risk – he is pretty dangerous after all. But that’s not enough. Saddam’s operations have always been fairly localised, so Bush should logically have been stressing every bit as much over Indonesia/East Timor, the Moluccas, the genocide in Rwanda, Chechnya… he didn’t. And neither did we (the UK).

    So is it the whole 11/9/9/11/911 thing? Well, much as Saddam might secretly fancy blowing up something really big and American, it’s just not his style. He’s not even from the same Islamic background as al-Qaeda; his lifestyle is far too Western for them, and there’s no evidence of any political or financial links between him and them.

    On the whole, this proposed war seems to be a dual excuse for some international chest-beating by the US/UK and a way of gaining more control over oil in the Middle East. If there hadn’t been a real reason for revenge, I’d have even suspected that the attacks on Afghanistan were an attempt to establish a “safe” country for the oil pipeline from the southern former Soviet states…

  11. frédéric says:


  12. jim becktel says:

    This whole affair has been cooked up by chicken Hawks who avoided military service but are willing to sacrifice those brave and patriotic enough to serve their country in the armed forces.

    War should always be the absolute last resort and its being used as option one. And hopefully by the time we bomb them back to the stone age we’ll find the justification to start this whole mess in the blown up rubble because we sure havent found it yet.

  13. Jauwek says:

    If something as “pre-emtive war” exists, does pre-emtive peace exist? The 1st is just a way to say one wants world domination. The latter…

  14. distraction says:

    I’m already sick of this war and it hasn’t even started. The whole preparations-negotiations theatricals are unbearable, the contradictions, deceptions, propaganda… it’s really getting too much. But ok, I’m even willing to accept the basic assumption that Saddam is the biggest threat on earth and that going in to have a little regime change in Iraq is necessary right now no matter how much it would have been easier and more logically and legally motivated ten years ago. I’m also willing to skip all “irrelevant” questions – such as why on earth did we give Iraq weapons in the first place then, why did we support Saddam when it was handy against Iran without worrying about the consequences, why doesn’t the US just lift sanctions and allow democratic change to start peacefully from within, why don’t we support the opposition etc.

    Then of course we also need to get control ofIraqi oil to cut dependency on the Saudis. Fine, I don’t particularly like it, but ok, I accept that as “necessary” too. What I don’t get and can’t accept is why all the stated aims have to be achieved by nothing less than a war.

    That will cost us a lot of money as well as cause the usual effects of, um, wars, because even the most “sanitized” wars with targeted ultra-smart bombs usually can’t help but kill and destroy here and there… even if played out in the name of the highest ideals of democracy and freedom, wars still suck. That much I learnt in school, I guess.

    The irony is that the US are sooo very skilled in the sort of targeted coup-d’etat operations on foreign countries, it’s surprising they haven’t done that in Iraq already… No one would have even noticed, they could have dressed it up as some internal military coup d’etat, Saddam would be ousted, there would be no risk of destabilization and exacerbating anti-american positions in the Middle East, there would be no risks of economic recession or crisis… But no, they had to take the route of the spectacular international effort that takes over six months to even get started – so that no one will say they didn’t even try the “diplomatic” route! smart. Well, NOT.

    I don’t know, maybe there’s also defence contractors to be pleased and kept in business… yeah, now that explains how much in our interests this war is.

    I vote NO to war, and YES for a special gift to Bush and friends, a pack of war videogames so they can satisfy their military ambitions without blowing up the world. Deal?

  15. distraction says:

    …plus, I have it on good source that the Raelians already cloned Saddam, his army, and his weapons. So a war is utterly useless at this stage.

  16. jime says:

    Well… sorry with my english, because I am a disaster, but… I am not either in agreement with the wars. So, please add me in the listing.

  17. pampa says:

    To war: NO!
    To Bush: No!
    To NATO: NO!
    Fuck the power.

  18. Michel Jubinville says:

    See where Bush’s stupid politics are going to put us into. Poor foreign policies started that North Korea nuclear threat, for example. Could you find a more powerful moron on this planet ? War on Irak won’t do a thing to prevent terrorists acts and only a really stupid person may think otherwise. So, count me in as a strong opponent to that future war (that we’ll have anyway)

  19. Bonny says:

    When I see this daft guy (Bush) in a distant country, cutting taxes for rich people desperately hoping it pushes the economy while he’s busy making war, I don’t know whether I have to laugh or cry at such stupidity. Still, the picture of thousands of people dying as a result of this war is so bad it makes me settle for crying: I cannot believe there’s anyone feeling safer, or happier, with this upcoming violent conflict.

  20. Farbod Deylamian says:

    I am sickened to believe that we are going to take MORE innocent lives…Bush is trying to alter the attention from the failure of trying to find Bin Laden to a new target..When are we going to open our eyes and see Iraq has something the Bush family desires….OIL. When are we going to realize that if we bomb Iraq, that’s just going to cause a more disastrous sequel of September 11th. When are we going to realize that when George Bush says, “Support our troops….they’re fighting for peace.”….well, that just doesn’t make much sense. When are we going to realize enough countries already hate us, and we are not the peacekeepers in the world, we are in fact, the opposite…..February 15, go out, march, and show the ones “on top” that we, the people in this country, in this world, not only disagree with war, but despise it.

  21. Bill Sherman says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men(women) to do nothing”- Edmund Burke. “Kingdom of Fear” -H.S.T.

  22. Coktor Dox says:

    Friends of mine brought back pictures of the hand-made placards in the Peace Rally in San Francisco recently…there were many clever ones, very amusing little puns on “Bush”, etc. But my favorite will remain

  23. David M. Turner says:

    I’ve already signed this once, but felt compelled to sign again. I’m disgusted by the motivations behind the big push to go to war. Hussein is most probably a horrible tyrant and should be overthrown, but not on Bush’s terms. GWB is just as dangerous as SH; the only difference is under which “system” each operates. One is a dictatorship, the other, a plutocracy. Enron, Chevron, and Exxon (among others) should not assume the right to choose who lives or dies. They’ve already done enough to spoil our air and seas.

  24. Yashar37 says:

    The way GW is so adamant and insistant about this war is starting to give me this creepy Daffy Duck vibe (I am actually not trying to be funny, even though it is), think about it…

    “NO NO NO!!!

    …ya know?

  25. crosby says:

    An old favorite comment I heard 15 years ago was from Wayne Dyer, concerning war. The way I remember it is. “I don’t get it… war in the name of peace…. fighting for peace is like, well… like screwing for virginity.” After all these years it stuck like glue somewhere in my sexist psyche.

  26. FLYTEETH says:







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