Knowing you knowing me, dear reader, this could get interesting: how perverted are you?

3 Responses to “Perv!”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:
    To link it (the actual code):
    What’s wrong with WD40??

  2. SOFA says:
    To link it (the actual code): Wow, I didn’t know THAT was “coming” (heh-heh).
    Okay, in order of appearance:
    1) I’ve never denied my masturbational habits to anyone with the cojones to inquire
    2) I don’t have a XXX stash of my own because I am a father; tho’ – before a small house fire – I used to. It’s not so much your kids finding ’em, it’s the babysitter…
    3) The ONLY “porno-style” sex – that I’m aware of – that I’ve never participated in (or fantacized about while masterbating) is the ‘scat’ stuff. I dunno, somehow that shit don’t turn me on…
    What’s wrong with WD40? Well, there are some petroleum distillates that are simply not made for contact with mucous membranes. Now baby oil in a ‘pump’ spray bottle, there’s a lubricant for ya!
    Of course, Vaseline stings less when you get it in your eyes, but that’s more a matter of positioning…
    Fun questions, with a highly debatable “scoring” system, IMO.

  3. DebK says:

    What does it take to really be perverted around here, huh?

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