How to tie in Kenny Rogers with the Lilith Fair

Tips on How to Look Like Kenny Rogers. From the bearded people at
And for a dose of misogynist political incorrectness: Rating the women of the Lilith Fair. On Liz Phair: “It wasn’t hard getting this skinny pasty-white dorm bitch to agree to fuck me, but it was damn near impossible for me to keep it up while looking at her face, which looked so much like my pet gerbil Hodges that I had an overwhelming desire to put wood chips up her ass.”

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  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    Tori Amos:
    Fortunately for us (and her, I guess) she’s multi-orgasmic, so even though Scoey kept asking her how it was possible for someone to sound so much like Kate Bush without actually being Kate Bush, we all got a crack at what Pimpin’ Leon likes to refer to as her Torrid Anus.

    Sarah McLachlan:
    On the first night of the tour I saw her getting fingered by Gus the tour manager while Tracy Chapman worked her ass with a cucumber.”
    hahaha! i don’t believe a word of what is said here but i laughed my ass off with it!!!
    np: a stunning solo in Zoot Allures from FZ:OZ (gotta love the internet!)

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