Did Anyone’s Hair Just Grow Out?

Some of you may know that I have a very very short haircut by choice, not by circumstance! That’s why reading up on The Men’s Long Hair Messageboard has kept me chuckling for the last half hour. With such topic titles as: “Shampooing”, “RE: Cure for the awkward stage” and “The Dreaded Flip-Curl”, here’s one online community that really cares.
(btw: I was looking for a “rate beautiful men” site to please our female readers when I stumbled on this one.)

8 Responses to “Did Anyone’s Hair Just Grow Out?”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    I can’t believe such a messageboard exists…!!
    Gotta love the internet :-)

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    PS: anxiously waiting for the “rate beautiful men” search report!
    (I may be using some of this Men’s Long Hair advices in the meantime, lol. I wonder if they’d reject a Long Haired Woman in the list…Just wondering, i won’t try :-)

  3. DebK says:

    Sharl, did you go to the Men’s Long Hair Site and check out this month’s Samson? Whoo hoo! What I would give for locks like that! And the guy’s not bad, either!

  4. DebK says:

    Also, Sharl, go to the Image gallery on the same site and check out the 1999 gallery marked “skin”. Very nice!

  5. Dr Sharleena says:

    thanks, Deb! I didn’t notice the Men’s Long Hair Site before. It’s really enlightening. Although i have to confess i rather prefer short haired men…
    Btw: what a surprise, Willy Nelson is listed as a Samson! Have you seen?

  6. DebK says:

    I see him (Willy Nelson) now that you mention it. He’s got waist-length hair, that’s why he’s there. Not too bad for an old dude, but not my type, thanks! Got some fierce split ends, tsk, tsk!(chuckle). One thing I wondered is if these guys are all gay. By the personals, it seems not. Which is a relief, some of them seemed a little light on their loafers(if you know what I mean), from the poses they struck in their pictures.

  7. SOFA says:

    And for those with a hairless pate, who know what shampoo is REALLY used for, Suave Salon Formula has a lather that can’t be beat (well… uh, you know).

  8. DebK says:

    Get out of the shower Sofa! You’ve been in there much too long!(teehee!)

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