The Hot Poop Variations

Tired of reading this page? How about listening to it? “The webPlayer is a generative music creator, taking pages from the web and turning them into music, providing a soundtrack to enhance your browsing experience.”
[ via kottke, requires Shockwave. ]

5 Responses to “The Hot Poop Variations”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    wow, it sounds weird…I thought some of our posts “Mariah Carey Breasts” style could influence a little bit the soundtrack, but it doesn’t seem so :-).

  2. DebK says:

    Wow! You should I have heard it when I plugged the “Installation Electronique” into it. It got really loud a couple of times and rattled my speakers. Some nice 7th chords, I think. But now some of my artwork won’t load onto the page!

  3. DebK says:

    That is: Ahem!

  4. Dr Sharleena says:
    Been there Deb! Hey, you’ve added more stuff? I don’t remember having seen the Mothers drawing on the right, and the variations. Are those new? They are cool! The soundtrack sounds pretty much the same as the HotPoop one…I wonder where the difference is…

  5. DebK says:

    Maybe some of the artwork didn’t load the first time you were there. It’s possible. It’s geocities….I don’t know what the difference is between HP and my site. I heard more single notes on HP and more chords when I tried it on IE-AV.

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