The Captain & His Magic Bands

There’s a new release coming from Captain Beefheart, consisting of recordings of live gigs in the UK from ’72 to ’80. More here. Also (and alas), this source quotes sound quality of the album as being “far from good”. Whatever suits your fancy…

One Response to “The Captain & His Magic Bands”

  1. Bob Again says:

    As the Captain enjoys a resurgence of interest/curiosity lately, there have been some fine recordings issued and re-issued. One of the best is available from Rhino Handmade (Im gonna do what I’m gonna do). This is supposed to be a limited edition of 5,000 copies, and I am surprised to find it is still available after almost two years! (Could this be a lesson the ZFT should heed?)

    But I digress. Sadly there have been a couple releases lately that look to be legit, but don’t improve much over the widely available bootlegs of the same material. This release appears to fall into that category. There is other info (no review, though) at May I digress further? Have you heard Zoot Horn Rollo’s “We saw a Bozo under the sea”? IMHO it is excellent. See if interested.

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