TBN: Back With A Vengeance

The Big Note is back with a vengeance! A new handy lay-out, loads of new articles, tests and quizzes plus a whole new fingerlickin-good bunch of RealAudio-tracks up for download; including Frank Zappa live stuff, tribute acts and member contributions. Go there now!

2 Responses to “TBN: Back With A Vengeance”

  1. SOFA says:

    Kudo’s to Yellowmud Shark, and assorted members of the KUR team for getting the site transfer completed! Yuse iz awesome!
    For those that visit, and find a section or part not “working” quite right, be patient: as with any new endeavor, there are bound to be a few inconsistencies. We’re working on them…
    Finally, thank you to KUR for the support it has shown its “little sister” site…
    Publisher; theBIGnote.

  2. DebK says:

    It is indeed a wonder to behold! The work put in is awesome. How could we not love it! The beads, the blankets, the black light posters! But perhaps KUR is the Mother site to TBN? Here is to many years of creativity, zaniness and wonderment…


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