More info is being released concerning Zappanale #13. On the right navbar, I’ve inserted a link to the german arf society for details.
The Idiot Bastard says:
Meanwhile, Nigey Lennon tells me “Lennon/Tabacco/Zappa are appearing in the evening on Sunday 28th July. Our band will be augmented by Ed Palermo on alto sax, plus some of Ed’s horns, in addition to our own Jay Rozen and two other tuba players from Köln – resulting in something that’s a mutant hybrid of the notorious 1974 FZ line-up and the Grand Wazoo. For the closing song we’re planning a grand finale with musicians from as many other bands as are game! Also, Ed is going to be performing on Saturday, July 27 with his own band (or most of it anyway), with assistance from Candy, John, and myself.”
Oh, and have you seen this teaser?