Ladies & gentlemen: I

Ladies & gentlemen: I give you this statement:
We here at 818-PUMPKIN (Hotline, Barfko-Swill) are pleased to announce the impending release of FRANK ZAPPA – Live In Australia, our first release on the new and exciting Vaulternative Records label. Yes, this is a double CD set containing 140+ minutes of live concert performance and a special treat of peripherally-related exoticism… We will accept orders starting Monday, 11 March 2002. Music is the Best…
I bet you Gail has been reading HotPoop…

Not that anybody would

Not that anybody would give a proverbial shit, but anyway, I finally found a nifty tuff ‘n bitchin way to process the image galleries. I just spent 3 hours figuring out a script which automates the building of the thumbnail-pages, and the links of each thumbnail to the big pictures. The first gallery is back up: Zappa Concert Posters. Sweet!
On a down note: someone asked for the previous poll’s results to be posted here. Well, I have news on that. This poll was hosted by And has been hacked recently. Ergo: I can’t get to my own fucking poll results anymore… If, and when I can, I’ll post those results here…

I’ve always wondered what

I’ve always wondered what the majority of Zappa-fans thought, was the decade in which Zappa was at his artistic best. For me, it’s the Seventies; with albums like Roxy and OSFA, ZINY and Läther. For you, it might be the early days, or the synclavier-stuff… If you want to have your say, I’ve just set up a little poll right here, asking you which Zappa-decade you prefer. You’re excluded for a period of one hour after you’ve casted a vote. This poll will be taking votes for – oh, probably a year or so. We should be getting some interesting statistics… Don’t forget to vote!

An excellent source for

An excellent source for hot Zappa gossip is and has always been UK based Idiot Bastard.
Latest poop I found there: On 23rd April, Rykodisc will release Threesome No. 1 and Threesome No. 2 – two collections of three essential FZ releases: No. 1 includes Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, and We’re Only In It For The Money; No.2 includes Hot Rats, Waka/Jawaka, and The Grand Wazoo. Both come in slipcases designed by Cal Schenkel. Visit the site for even more info!