Thieves of Bad Gags

Milton Berle dies aged 93. Berle was called the “Thief of Bad Gags” and even joked about stealing quips. “I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my pencil,” he once said of a rival comedian, and he stopped at nothing for a laugh. “From the first days of my career, he was one of my comedic heroes,” Don Rickles said. “He was always a great mentor. His style of comedy will never be replaced.”
And also today Dudley Moore dies. Ten! Arthur! It’s a sad day for comedy…

One Response to “Thieves of Bad Gags”

  1. SOFA says:

    I would bet my meager life savings that FZ watched “Uncle Miltie” as a youth. Milton Berle WAS television in the 50′s. At its peak, 4 of every 5 TVs in the US were tuned in to his show.An unsubstantiated rumor is that Berle had the largest penis in show business – quite literally “hung like a horse”.SOFA