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On a related note,

On a related note, never claim that some people like cupcakes better. On an unrelated note

Welcome to the official

Welcome to the official movie-site for that Prince Of Foods: The Muffin…

You can now start

You can now start posting at the new, improved, wonderfully layed out, incredibly fast and bulbous KILL UGLY RADIO FORUMS – dedicated to Frank Zappa! (the shameless self-promotion ends here)
Also: Phat Elvis has entered the building! A warm welcome to HotPoop’s newest contributor, who’ll soon find out what happens when you say things like “be gentle” to that fellow contributor, Dr. Sharleena… ;o)

This is my first

This is my first blog. Please be gentle. Here are some desktop themes featuring our favorite icon

Comedy Legend Spike Milligan

Comedy Legend Spike Milligan dies, aged 83. This man was of great influence to Monty Python and pushed the boundaries of comedy. Comedian Stephen Fry paid fulsome tribute to his talent: “Spike was entirely his own mad Irish self. He came out of nowhere. If there is a definition of genius it is that whatever province you are in, you leave it different. He left comedy different and it was never the same after him.”
And this only a couple of days after Chuck Jones, Mister Loony Tunes Himself, bit the big one. Sad days for comedy…

Are you ready for

Are you ready for a Toilet paper Revolution? Then join up today!
Switch to ShitBegone and see why 1000s of others can’t be wrong!

The messageboards which are

The messageboards which are featured here – Hot Plate Heaven and Strictly Critique – have been bugging me for a long time, because they were hosted offsite, by a commercial webservice. This meant: pop-ups, pop-unders, adds all over the place, word censoring beyond my control, excrutiating waiting times for the boards to load, and a limit of 300 posts that were backed up.
Now then, with the installment of the new site comes a new messageboard system. No more adds, pop-ups or anything like that. Just plain, fast messageboard sweetness! You can access the new boards here. You’ll have to register first. Upon registration, your password will be sent to the email you provided and you’ll be able to login and start posting! Hope you like the new messageboard format. If you encounter any bugs, let me know…

The official web page

The official web page for lego porn: a special place for plastic people. (Warning: don’t open this link if you are under 18, it contains very explicit images, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!)

Rolling Stone’s 50 All-Time

Rolling Stone’s 50 All-Time Favorite album covers.
Weasels Ripped My Flesh is in there (*cough* update to my earlier writing *cough*), as well as Trout Mask Replica. My personal favorites are Weasels Ripped My Flesh and One Size Fits All. Lumpy Gravy and Uncle Meat have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi as well. The mid to late eighties sleeves are less interesting to my taste (with the exception of BBYNHIYL, but that one didn’t get released ’til ’92). What are your favorites?

Name That Man-Breast!

Name That Man-Breast!

“Waco, Ruby Ridge and

“Waco, Ruby Ridge and now this,” said Bert Crane, from his cell in the Boise County Jail. “Sure — they killed my girls, but they’ll never kill them all.”
The sad story of a man Arrested After Refusal To Erase Tiny Desktop Dancers.

How suitable: I’ve found

How suitable: I’ve found God, on a sunday.
As you may expect, he has such a cool site!

A new address for

A new address for John Healy’s excellent Chrome Dinette: The best Zappa Real Audio this side of the hemisphere!
(of course, for Zappa MP3’s, I advise you to visit Bald Headed John’s Vault…)

I am ERNIE. Everyone

Everyone loves to hang out with me.
Which Sesame Street Character Are You?

Come here and try

Come here and try to elucidate the Mistery of Britney Spears Breasts, perhaps one of the reasons why The Artist Formerly Known changed his name lately (again and again). Yes, it’s Search Engines time, Ladies & Gentlemen!