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Let’s welcome the new

Let’s welcome the new year with a nice music anecdote. Fireworks, almonds, champagne and the best for you next year!!

DaveZilla mentioned an interesting

DaveZilla mentioned an interesting trick to find obscure mp3’s. Forget Napster; go to Google, and type: index apache mp3 insertbandhere (obviously replacing “insertbandhere” with the band of your choice). Et voilà! Here’s a shortcut for Frank Zappa mp3 search results found at Google this way.

If you are ever

If you are ever hitchiking across the universe looking for higher lifeforms on Earth, this is what the Project Galactic Guide says about Belgium…

Hi, I’m Paul. Which

Hi, I’m Paul. Which Beatle are you?

I had another look

I had another look at the original (?) Cpt. Beefheart vs. the Grunt People script, whilst surfing I know the existence of this script is old news (think I announced it months ago myself); but still: it’s fascinating to look at those typewriter characters, ogling at every smudge on the side of each page, reading the story, wondering about how that story came to be…

He tried to change

He tried to change the world with this sort of square beardy thing in the middle of his chin
Nice little underground comic at

It’s interesting to see

It’s interesting to see how ancient eastern practices are adopted and mantained in the US.
Arnold and Cecil Benoit, from the ASS (American Sumo Society) explain how they do it in their FAQ link…

Have a look at

Have a look at as it was in the year 1996, brought to you by this very cool web archiving project.

Please choose a Hemisphere.

Please choose a Hemisphere.
(Tip: right-brained people have more fun.)

A Junkie’s Xmas by

A Junkie’s Xmas by William S. Burroughs.
But HoHoHo nonetheless, folks. Have a Merry Christmas! Seriously!

Which Corporate Mascot Are

Which Corporate Mascot Are You?
I’m going to let you guess what I turned out to be this time; it’s too disturbing.

Have a great and

Have a great and safe Christmas you all!!
See you soon!

I don’t mind about

I don’t mind about the perils in this world, because i have my brand new pogo shoes in my feets! Although i won’t trust too much in the bulletproof buttocks device. They won’t work against police in some SouthAmerican’s banana republics :-)

I myself turned out

I myself turned out to be 23% evil. How about you?

Huskie Weewee? Hah! Ladies

Huskie Weewee? Hah!
Ladies & Gentlemen, let me assure you that, these days, there are far more ingenious methods of acting against fur trappers…
One such evil fur trapper is Frans Molenaar – dutch fashion designer with an obscene taste for fur. Want to take a stand? Download this postcard to your harddisc. The card depicts a woman’s genital area, with the pubic hair left out. Print that card, cut some of your pubic hair, glue it on there and send the card to Frans Molenaar! More info (in dutch) here.