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Today’s a historic one

Today’s a historic one for this site.
For the first time, someone has ended up here searching Google for “mariah carey breasts”. Another person found HotPoop looking for famous people who died September 20.

Goodman, in Barry’s guestbook:

Goodman, in Barry’s guestbook:
“the site rocks, the trivia kicked my ass a little though, must have been all those drugs my dad did in the 60’s that leaked into my chromosomes that took away my short-term memory, not to mention my noodles. Thanks for adding good things to the web to keep this mustached man alive.”
The pleasure’s all mine Goodman!

American Capitalists: how come

American Capitalists: how come you didn’t think about this before spending that much money!?! This is an actually effective strike back against taliban!! Check this out!

Here’s a little aid

Here’s a little aid for those people that think Frank Zappa’s lyrics are not funny.

Pics of hot steamy

Pics of hot steamy chicks.

Revenge of the Orchestra

Revenge of the Orchestra Musician: How to Cook a Conductor.
And, Son of the Revenge of the Orchestra Musician: The Summons…

Scary Women documents the

Scary Women documents the depiction of women in various (50ies) horror movies. Don’t ask how I found this link ;o) Suffise it to say I was looking for something to counter Dr Sharleena’s recent What’s on a man’s mind post! Further research brought up this 50ies horror B-movies collection, as well as The Astounding B-Monster and this reflection on late 60ies horror flicks.
That’s all for now. I’m off to go have me some nightmares.

As tongues go, this

As tongues go, this one is pretty impressive:
“The twelve-year-old from Tangstedt, near Hamburg, can lick the ice cream from the bottom of a cornet – while her friends have to use their fingers.”

Look ma: comments! :)

Look ma: comments! :)
That’s right, you can now give your comments on any post inhere. I wonder how long before I have to start censoring them…

It wasn’t me, I

It wasn’t me, I swear..!
Dr Simon Abrahams seems to confirm some studies I made in my solitary researches in Antarctica. Finally What’s on men’s mind has been unveiled…(All in the name of Science, eh!:-)

A letter to you

A letter to you from Satan!

SETI@Home may be searching

SETI@Home may be searching for weird creatures in outer space, but I’d rather look for weird creatures here on Earth. Join millions of others users who have dedicated their computers to this noble quest.Join YETI@Home!
Be a volunteer!

Sorry about that, I’m

Sorry about that, I’m a little bored here ;oP

You’re at the office

You’re at the office surrounded by co-workers? Okay. Click here.
And here’s where I got it from.

Another one non Zappa

Another one non Zappa related (yeah, barry, it’s you who have the pants here but I can blog too! :-)
This student won the first prize for his Halloween Costume but then he was suspended at school…I thought the US was a free country…