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Another stupid test to

Another stupid test to see just how smart you are: original densa quiz
Ok, I scored 4 out of 12; either I’m slow, or drunk…(who’s laughing there?!)

Looking for The Chrome

Looking for The Chrome Dinette, but can’t find it? Here’s the new URL.

Weird: Frank Zappa reading

Weird: Frank Zappa reading from William Burrough’s The Naked Lunch:
The Talking Asshole brought to you by The Big Note.
(Fill out the form there to get the login/password for the myplay locker.)

Stop the press! Breaking

Stop the press! Breaking news:
You’ve by now probably all been emailed the cute picture of Osama Bin Laden with Evil Bert in the background, right?
Finally, this mindnumbing enigma has been cleared:
[quote] Azad Products, who manufactures the poster was not aware of the appearance of Bert in one of the collaged images that make up the poster. “We got the images through e-mails and off the internet. We did not give the pictures a second look or realize what they signified until you pointed it to us,” Mostafa Kamal, production manager, told The Associated Press. [/quote]

Why do I feel like this might have been coming straight out of a FZ lyric? Come back Frank, these times desperately need you… back online, same back online, same as it ever was… This notice on the “What’s New” page:
RYKODISC RELEASES the “Mystery Disc”
New FZ release.  25 tracks never before on CD!

Phooeee… appears to be appears to be offline at the moment. Is this Phaze One of the Much Expected Update?
The pleasantly warped people of The Big Note have once again updated their collection of MP3’s. Newest additions include live tracks from tribute groups such as the Zappatistas, The Muffin Men and Ed Palermo.

That’s about all the poop I have for now… no, wait! Here’s The Scoop On Poop!

New URL for The

New URL for The Zappa Patio: Not to be taken lightly, I say…
Ye Olde Zappa Patio is however still online, and continues to carry the bulk of the pages.

In further elaboration on

In further elaboration on the current scatological realm we seem to have entered: Chapter 38: Toilet Training
Because knowing when to shit or pee (make stool or urinate) is important!

Syntactically challenged? If you

Syntactically challenged? If you are not a gifted person like barry’s imaginary publisher, who can speak several languages, you may find some help in this Dictionary of Farting.
Find the specific word for naming your fart! Like, sort of.

Nos amis des Fils

Nos amis des Fils de l’Invention viennent de créer une liste de discussion francophone sur l’oeuvre de Frank Zappa: Hmmm… I might just join that one…