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Those wacky modern day

Those wacky modern day composers… At
[ quote ]
You may be inadvertently performing one of the Magnus-Opus melody series each time you use your telecommunications device (telephone, mobile telephone, modem and other internet devices).
In order to ascertain if you are in breach of international copyright law you may enter any alpha-numeric sequence you may be using via your telecommunications device in our dialogue box below. This will compare your number with our melody database. If your number should match one of our compositions the melody and opus number will be displayed. You should then complete a licence agreement as soon as possible.
[ / quote ]

Git yerself a pair

Git yerself a pair o’ thay’em Caucasian Jeans and have a Dixie Day! Who said white suppremacists don’t have style!

A friend sent this

A friend sent this to me and I think it is fucking hilareous. Click the image to enlarge…

Thanks for that enlightening,

Thanks for that enlightening, allbeit disturbing link, Dr Sharleena. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: that tinfoil helmet will remain firmly planted on my head.
Oh and uh, incidently, Steve Vai has a new set of discs out called The Secret Jewel Box

Hey, thanx! Rubbernun is

Hey, thanx! Rubbernun is bookmarked in the misticks & theology folder already.
Here’s is one for the clever barry’s imaginary publisher. From Popular Mechanics site, a truly necessary artifact in these days, a ufo finder that you can even build in your own house. I’d say don’t try this at home tho’: take a look at how the editor in chief really looks like! I’m still scared!

Here’s one for the

Here’s one for the lovely Dr Sharleena: yes, it’s… RubberNun!
By the way, did you know that one anagram for “Francis Vincent Zappa” is “Vacant Finns Prize Cap”? Other fine anagrams: “Nazis crap cap ‘n’ fine TV”, “Crap! scan TV if Nazi pen”, “Carp fat zinc van penis” and of course: “Pen if Nazi cans crap TV”.

Taliban Dating Service!

Taliban Dating Service!

Come Mr Taliban turn

Come Mr Taliban turn over Bin Laden
Daylight come and we drop the bomb

Come on, sing it with me now!

According to this survey,

According to this survey, I have a Pinguin personality. But I may also be a Beaver personality. Heh, I know. Don’t say it.

Silophone: “Silophone makes use

“Silophone makes use of the incredible acoustics of Silo #5 by introducing sounds, collected from around the world using various communication technologies, into a physical space to create an instrument which blurs the boundaries between music, architecture and net art. Sounds arrive inside Silo #5 by telephone or internet. They are then broadcast into the vast concrete grain storage chambers inside the Silo.”
Most peculiar.



However: the new CC

However: the new CC Frank Zappa webring page looks to be an improvement. They’ve brought back Webring Stats, a service that was omitted when Yahoo took over the ring. Nice!

Gotta Love Yahoo. They

Gotta Love Yahoo. They take over about a year ago, causing every CCFZ-webring member to have to go through the process of getting a Yahoo ID in order to keep their site listed; and now guess what Yahoo does? It’s getting rid of the webrings, calling it “the webring is migrating”. How’s that for fuzzy newspeak. Yaboooh…

Here’s one, special for

Here’s one, special for colors geeks & internet gourmets (gour-nets?).
nosepilot is an abstract, strange place irrigated with excellent music, and shows the potential of Flash program.
Take your time, it lasts more than ten minutes -the space with the titles is used for loading the next story-. Oh! I forgot, you can choose at the beginning either french or english version.
(PS, yes, I also failed in that baseball one :-)

Interestingly, I scored 4

Interestingly, I scored 4 out of 12 as well. I have to say though, the quiz is terribly prone toward the american way of life, what with such questions as “In baseball, how many outs are there in an inning?” Yeah right! Clueless european raising hand here…