Some people collect stamps,

Some people collect stamps, others decide they need to write letters to famous people whom they’ve never met:Dear Ahmet,
[quote] “I am not trying to preach but I do consider myself sort of an expert on you. I find that you look best in short sleeve shirts with either a scoop neck or unbuttoned slightly so we get to see a LITTLE chest hair (don’t over do it). You look good in scooped or V neck sweaters that without a busy design. You also look great in the killer suits you wore for HAPPY HOUR but that blue thing with the vertical stripes that you wore the other day gave the illusion that you had no shoulders and that is not good. Especially ’cause you have perfectly good shoulders.” [/quote]
I wonder what sort of fanmail Moon Unit is getting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i luv stamps

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