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Following the much acclaimed

Following the much acclaimed instructional video on How To Dance Properly, here’s Lesson Two in the Dating Game:
How To Impress Your Date.

Talking of dates, you might have noticed a post here by a certain Dr Sharleena recently. That’s right: this weblog now has two people contributing to it! Dr Sharleena, aka “The Cleaning Lady” is a former USSR refugee now residing somewhere in the South-American area where she’s devoted her life to TBN’s School Of Music, and an in-depth study of proctology (but I digress). Let me assure you that Dr Sharleena will be procuring this online community with quite a couple of amazing links. During her years of solitary research in Antartica, she’s stumbled across numerous sites that she hopes will amaze everyone. A warm welcome to Dr Sharleena!

For Mike Keneally fans,

For Mike Keneally fans, here’s a place to exchange boots and download MP3’s, including some Zappa-tunes (Inca Roads, …). Site endorsed by MK! (link via FDI)

Have you ever wondered how Jean-Paul Sartre cooked dinner? I’m sure you have. Here’s how.

More weirdo linkage (hey,

More weirdo linkage (hey, it’s the summertime, what d’you expect): Gonads and Strife . Weeeeeeeee!

Here is a totally

Here is a totally irrelevant link I’ve found during my solitary research in Antartica: How the vagina is called throughout the world.
I believe Frank never used any of them…Can you remember?

With no apparent Hot

With no apparent Hot News available at the time of writing, one searches for links that might entice the reader by merit of Conceptual Continuity (read: to post totally irrelevant links,that one hopes will entertain the reader anyhow). Considering the presence of such keywords as “moon”, “conspiracy” and “government agents”, I thought it only just to offer you this breaking news story on How The Moon Landing Never Took Place. Complete with pictures and detailed analysis. Hotcha! Cheese anyone?

At The Big Note:

At The Big Note: a brief history of “Conceptual Continuity — First Frank Zappa Webring” written by ringcreator “pogen” Andrew. Kudos to this guy who started up the ring and made it into what it is today: the ultimate glossary of great unofficial Zappa sites.

(And now for something completely different:) In today’s rapidly changing world, musical groups appear almost every day with some new promotional device… Some of these devices have been known to leave irreparable scars on the minds of foolish young consumers… One such case is seated before you… live on stage… no, not Terry Bozzio…

Muffin Men and Ensemble 10:10 Live in Liverpool, 25 February 2001

A muffin the size

A muffin the size of a softball is not breakfast. It is dessert—you are eating cake at 8 a.m.
Here, my good americans, is some essential reading for you… Pass the lycra please.

One drawback to the

One drawback to the CD- and MP3-era is how it has obliterated the wonderful cover-art that used to come with the records. Vinyl fetishists, LPmongers alike, fear not: there is a place where you can indulge in this forgotten art. Of particular interest: How To Buy Meat, brought to you by Consumer Meat Specialist Sarah Beck. Somehow this site reminds me of thebignote’s nostalgic FakeTheBoots project…

Found in Barry’s Guestbook: a link to this nicely designed Zappa-site, featuring this amazing piece of AASCI-art.