New Release: Hammersmith Odeon

Zappa live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1978, 3-CD set.
Click image for full barfiness announcement. Pre-order here.

Update: Nov 8 2010: the correct tracklist can be found here.

82 Responses to “New Release: Hammersmith Odeon”

  1. Thinman says:

    Sheik Yerbouti basic tracks. If a certain engineer didn’t fuck this one up again then this one would be something to get!


  2. ton says:

    I wonder what everybody will be complaining about this release.
    Could we make a few rules, maybe, for the sake of preventing conversations being repeated over and over again.
    I would suggest this time:
    please NO complaining about the price. That subject is discussed to boredom with every new release.
    Please also NOT the same Gail-bashing for the sake of it.
    And please could we for once NOT complain about what is NOT released?

    Could we have here, for once, a sensible discussion about the release itself?

    I look forward to this one!

  3. Dark Clothes says:

    This looks like an A+ excellent release!

    (Yet, FWIW, I think ton’s attempt at strangling any possible discussion is stupid, bully behaviour.)

  4. Virgil Proudfoot says:

    This looks promising. Total of 3 CDs would indicate probably little or no duplication of individual songs, so it might be an idealized version of a Hammersmith 78 show, with all the best takes of each song. At my advanced age, that works for me. I don’t really have time anymore to listen to less-than-stellar versions of FZ songs.

    You youngsters out there probably feel differently, and that’s just fine with me.

  5. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    A quote from ton:

    Could we have here, for once, a sensible discussion about the release itself?

    You need to go over to the Zappa forums for that ton (I kid).

    Yes, this release looks to be a tasty little sucker IMO, but everyone here is free to say what they want with regard to it – though preferably in an intelligent, polite way.

  6. Balint says:

    I’m especially curious about Envelopes, Dong Work For Yuda seems to be a real gem, and hoping to get some hard, sharp solos.
    I’m with Barry with that “free speech” thing (and with almost everything. 🙂 )
    Hi Ho Ho Ho Ho Silver!

  7. xorg says:

    Well, I’m in the audience so that gives it an added selling point!

  8. ton says: