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Zappa in Yugoslavia

Great article from The Tenessean Showcase, 1975 about FZ’s visit to Zagreb and Ljubljana. The story of the 3 shows behind the Iron Curtain – via: FZ in Hungary.

Not Just Another DIY Musician: Louis Cole

Louis Cole is one of those young musicians who “get” the potential of the internet as a medium for getting your music out there. In the past, he’s collaborated with such people as Jack Conte of Pomplamoose fame (previously). Here they are, performing Passenger Seat:

A couple of months ago, blissfully bypassing any record label involvement big or small, Cole released his first, self-titled solo album, which I happen to like a lot. The album is available on iTunes here.


Zappa at Montreux Prog Nights, 2009

Since 2006, the goal of Montreux Prog Nights has been to to promote progressive music in Switzerland, especially in Montreux, by organizing three or four events each year in various venues. In 2009, the band FiDOplaysZAPPA performed a Zappa Night on January 23rd, while French band Lazuli also performed selected Zappa compositions on November 7th. Both performed at Ned’s Music Club.

The Cognitive Bias Song

Note to self.

(via Michel)

BluBlu a la Zappa

While surfing YouTube recently I came across this wonder piece of stop motion animation, entitled MUTO, from the walls of Buenos Aires by graffiti and animation artist BluBlu which someone has added Frank Zappa‘s “The Torture Never Stops” from Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, January 20th, 1976. Amazing hardly begins to describe it.

An Interview With Lorraine Belcher

Andrew just published an interview he did with Lorraine Belcher, full of wonderful little nuggets such as this one:

He told me that his wife never made a sound during sex. This made him feel bad. One day, after he’d been on the road to a meeting in LA for awhile, he realised he’d forgotten something and turned around. When he got home he found his wife passed out on the bed with a potato carved like a dildo. He was originally very upset, since she’d apparently been so satisfied she had to take a nap! Then he asked her to tell him about the potato. She had apparently tried all the other vegetables and found the potato to be the most harmonious with the vaginal canal….pH balance, etc. It didn’t produce any kind of infection or discharge, and held up well. That’s why he wrote Call any Vegetable.

Check out the full interview here.

Selected Idiot Bastard Sons

As a big fan of all Zappa and Zappa-related recordings, I’ve accumulated an immense number of live concerts, shows, and radio broadcasts via Zappateers and purchased elsewhere (far, far too many to name in this post). Among them, certain shows and recordings stand out as being exceptionally good.

Project/Object In Europe

Zappa tribute band Project/Object will be touring Europe this May (check out the flyer). No Belgian venue though… André?

(Thx Thomas Böhme)

Zappa Chiptunes

Check out 8bitcollective:

We love chiptunes. We want more people to make chiptunes and we want more people to listen to chiptunes. That’s why anyone can upload or download their chiptune-related media at

What’s a chiptune?

A chiptune, or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis […]

Here’s Peaches En Regalia, done the Chiptune way:

More Zappa Chiptunes:

(Thx Adam Irving)

Mumford & Sons

You know that feeling when you hear a band for the very first time, and your immediate reaction is “wait just a minute — wow, this is, this is, really really good”, and you just have to park by the side of the road to have a closer listen? Yes? Here’s one for you:

Mumford & Sons. They’ve become wildly popular in Europe over a short period of time — wanted to share this with our American non-Euro friends.
More Mumford & Sons on YouTube.