Zappa at Montreux Prog Nights, 2009

Since 2006, the goal of Montreux Prog Nights has been to to promote progressive music in Switzerland, especially in Montreux, by organizing three or four events each year in various venues. In 2009, the band FiDOplaysZAPPA performed a Zappa Night on January 23rd, while French band Lazuli also performed selected Zappa compositions on November 7th. Both performed at Ned’s Music Club.

The three following clips are of FiDOplaysZAPPA performing “Dancing Fool”, “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance”, “What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body”:

“Honey Don’t You Want a Man like Me”, “Village of the Sun”:

“More Trouble Every Day”, “Sofa #2”:

This last clip is of Lazuli performing “Filthy Habits”, with Claude Leonetti playing his self-made instrument The Léode*:

The Léode*:

In 1996, a motorbike accident deprived Claude Leonetti the use of his left arm and his guitar. To satisfy his need for sound and music, he explored the world of computer music, synthesizers and recording. The result was his invention of the Léode – the improbable mix of a guitar, a synthesizer and a melodic saw (with a piece of wood). It controls a sampler and a multi-effect by midi system. It reproduces sounds inspired from the guitar, the Sarangui, the Doudouk, and all string instruments including a lot of other non-definable sounds. Notes are released by pressing with his right hand. The strings and keys are channels and his fingers move over the smooth surface.

FiDOplaysZAPPA lineup:

Dave Muscheidt – vocals
Oli Friedli – piano, keyboards,
Martin Medimorec – vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Steff Strittmatter – guitar, vocals
Pascal Grünenfelder – bass, vocals, arrangements
Remy Sträuli – drums, vocals
Ueli Pletscher – tenor sax, flute
Christof Huber – trombone,
Alex Hilbe – alto & baritone sax
Dave Blaser – trumpet

Lazuli lineup:

Claude Leonetti – Léode*, backing vocals

Gédéric Byar – guitar

Dominique Leonetti – vocal, guitar elec & 12, mandolin

Romain Thorel – keyboard, french horn, backing vocals

Vincent Barnavol – drums, percussions, backing vocals

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