Selected Idiot Bastard Sons

As a big fan of all Zappa and Zappa-related recordings, I’ve accumulated an immense number of live concerts, shows, and radio broadcasts via Zappateers and purchased elsewhere (far, far too many to name in this post). Among them, certain shows and recordings stand out as being exceptionally good.

As NotPedro a Site Administrator suggested in the Marzi Nyman & Estonian Dream Big Band torrent at Zappateers is just as applicable with these other bands:

Get this. Get this now. Do not hesitate. You want this. You need this. This is your future. It is a way of life. This music is really good. You want it. Get it now. Listen to it. Love it. Enjoy it. It is a gift to us. You need this. It’s free. Get it anyway. If you don’t get this, and listen to it, and love it, you will be a loser. You don’t want to be a loser, do you? All your friends will laugh at you. You don’t want that. You’d better listen to this music. Then you can hold your head high. You can say “I’ve heard the music and it is good.” You can go out in public knowing that you have heard this wonderful music. You will no longer have to hide your face in shame. Your children will stop getting beat up on the playground. They will stop denying that you are their father. Your dog will start to love you again.

Take a listen to these covers of FZ’s “The Idiot Bastard Son” and be your own judge:

Bogus Pomp Semi-Acoustic Orchestra
(St. Katherinen, Hamburg, Germany, 13 Aug 2008)
[audio:20100507-01_Idiot _George Bush_ Bastard Son.mp3]

Grande Mothers Re:Invented
(Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead, UK, 12 Mar 2008)
[audio:20100507-02_Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

Marzi Nyman & Estonian Dream Big Band
(Estonian Radio, 1st Studio, Tallinn, Estonia, 11 Mar 2005)
[audio:20100507-04_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

(Oh No!…Just Another Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue, 2004 – w/ Rita Marcotulli, Laurent Zeller, Glenn Ferris)
[audio:20100507-05_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

(Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, 11 Oct 2005)
[audio:20100507-06_Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

UMO Jazz Orchestra, feat. Ed Palermo
(Tavastia, Finland, 25 Jan 1997)
[audio:20100507-07_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

UMO Jazz Orchestra, feat. Marzi Nyman
(Jumo Jazz Club, Helsinki, Finland, 12 Mar 2003)
[audio:20100507-08_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

Mike Keneally & The Orchestra of Our Time
(Zappa’s Universe, The Ritz, NYC, NY, 10 Nov 1991)
[audio:20100507-09_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

(Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 27 Jul 1988)
[audio:20100507-10_The Idiot Bastard Son.mp3]

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