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Dr Demento Interviews Frank Zappa

Bonus handy download link.

Tweezer Glint: Finale – The Roxy Years 73/74 (Part II)

Welcome to the second installment of Tweezer Glint: Finale – The Roxy Years (Part II). Slip on your headphones to oblivion, kick up your feet, and enjoy this unique group of talented musicians which many consider to be the absolute best ensemble FZ ever assembled and took on the road.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y

Here’s a brand new multipurpose FZ-database for you: The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y (Found at FZ in Hungary).

Tour/Gig information was arranged from FZ Shows 7.1 & Giglist, set list information from FZ Shows. Venues were extracted, duplicate venues eliminated, venue pictures downloaded & thumbnails generated, crew information gathered from IINK, links to Zappateers threads extracted semi-automatic. In addition: designing & programming a Google Maps interface.

It seems to belong to Zappateers, and according to the Manual it is made by Nadine & Tom.

And according to me – this is fan-tas-tic. I just can’t get used to the enthusiasism of some music lovers here in the internet – so many great homepages, made with lots of energy and love. Great work – thanks!

Mammy Anthem, The Baked Potato, January 6th, 2010

Mike Keneally sits in with the Rick Musallam Band (a former Beer For Dolphins bandmate) at the Baked Potato on January 6th, 2010.

Frank Zappa, Hamilton, 1975

A couple of recent posts, Philly ’76 and Zomby Woof by Quasar got me thinking about Zappa arrangements in general, and his instrumental compositions in particular – especially within a live context.

Zomby Woof By Quasar

Ardent devotees of the music of our time, the Quasar saxophone quartet is dedicated to premiering and promoting contemporary music that is multi-dimensionally conceived. Celebrated for its energy, audacity and exceptional technical ability, Quasar explores different aspects of artistic creation from instrumental music to live electronics, from improvisation to instrumental theatre. Quasar received two OPUS prizes.

It seems they also have a cover version of The Black Page.

The Freak-Out List

Coming soon from Prism Films: Frank Zappa – The Freak-Out List, a documentary that explores FZ’s favorite musicians and performers as they appeared on the liner notes of Freak Out!.

“Rock ‘n Roll Evening News” with Frank Zappa

On two separate appearances on the “Rock ‘n Roll Evening News” – one on October 11th, 1986 (clip above), and another on November 29th, 1986 (clip below), Frank Zappa explains why most aspects of popular culture (in their case, the 1980s) sucks a rat’s dick, and why nothing new is seldom ever heard or performed on television or radio (AM or FM), as well as speaks his views on drugs, politics, and concerning movements generally.

Zappa on “Freeman Report” CNN – October 26th, 1981

In this long, five part interview from the October 26th, 1981, edition of the “Freeman Report”, host Sandi Freeman appears mostly well prepared as she asks Frank Zappa open ended questions concerning his views on a variety of topics. For his own part, Zappa is unusually open and honest and personal throughout.