The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y

Here’s a brand new multipurpose FZ-database for you: The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y (Found at FZ in Hungary).

Tour/Gig information was arranged from FZ Shows 7.1 & Giglist, set list information from FZ Shows. Venues were extracted, duplicate venues eliminated, venue pictures downloaded & thumbnails generated, crew information gathered from IINK, links to Zappateers threads extracted semi-automatic. In addition: designing & programming a Google Maps interface.

It seems to belong to Zappateers, and according to the Manual it is made by Nadine & Tom.

And according to me – this is fan-tas-tic. I just can’t get used to the enthusiasism of some music lovers here in the internet – so many great homepages, made with lots of energy and love. Great work – thanks!

Where Are We?

Okay, you (we?) think you’re a “community”, right? But do we know where WE are at all? Here’s a quiz for you, a game with which you can “develop a mental map of Europe“. You think you know this continent, right? Now try to find Estonia (or the faraway country of Belgium – ever heard of that one?), or tell the name of the capital of Montenegro! Hah! The upper levels are really tough!

Okay, if you have some more time, you can go on with the 50 states of the USA  (me: 60%, average error: 252 miles…) – or play Statetris Europe!