Where Are We?

Okay, you (we?) think you’re a “community”, right? But do we know where WE are at all? Here’s a quiz for you, a game with which you can “develop a mental map of Europe“. You think you know this continent, right? Now try to find Estonia (or the faraway country of Belgium – ever heard of that one?), or tell the name of the capital of Montenegro! Hah! The upper levels are really tough!

Okay, if you have some more time, you can go on with the 50 states of the USA  (me: 60%, average error: 252 miles…) – or play Statetris Europe!

Author: Balint


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  1. Hmmmm… Which Belgium city 7km/4miles west of Menen, has a tobacco museum documenting the history of snuff, smoking and chewing tobacco and is ground zero to the best damn weblog in the world (at least in my incredibly biased opinion)?

  2. Urban, in case you would like to learn more about Europe, not that much its geography, rather ‘ bout its various national characteristics ( yes, we’re all rather different over here), there are an awful lot of good books, writtten by Europeans.

    However in case you prefer an American author, who’s very good, just buy ” Europe” ( published in the 80ties) written by Flora Lewis. Imagine: a European who tells that an American wrote a god book on Europe. It’s true, it’s a good & amazing book.
    She was for +/ 20 years the European correspondent of the Herald Tribune. She died +/- 10 years ago. The good news is : the content of this book is still valid ( nat. characteristics do not change that quickly) and even better : as it’s an ” old” book you can buy it for less than 3 US dollars via the Internet.

  3. Roland, does this new blog happen to be future oriented? I don’t know yet. With some humuor : the proof of the eating is in the – posible – cake.
    Anyway a good starting point is to “kill ugly radio”. Unless you listen to ( US) public radio stations or ( EU ) the radio 3’s, you just stay as stupid as you were.
    Yes, blogs might prove to be able to overlook this dilemma, in a cosy way.

  4. Barry, did you develop into the endeavor of being A Great Teacher? Far beyond current day radio programs.

    Honestly speaking:

    – I adore ” white “, ie to be filled in maps. Yes, as I made a very bad performance way back in the old days at the university when filling in the blank map of the Middle East.

    – We, the Europeans , happen to be haughty every now & then. I’m fooling myself when I say: I know the EU map ( after having worked in EU institutions for 17 years).

    – The US map? Learned it at univ. However much more precise knowledge developed in the evening – in hotel rooms – whern I was visting California last summer. Indeed 98 % of the Europeans are absolutely unabe to identify more than 10 Us staes on a blank map.

    – Let’s now turn to the map of Africa.

  5. bernard, you appear of the opinion that most non-Europeans are ignorant of European history, geography, political/cultural affairs. This couldn’t be farther from the truth my friend. I personally slogged through four years of undergraduate European history in university (a history and geography that is still under construction in many parts of Europe). Can the same be said for Europeans understanding of the rest of the world? If you ask me, the European Union was the best thing that ever happened to European political culture. No longer was Europe just a handful of traditionally bickering countries, but a union with common goals and purpose. Kind of reminds me of Canada’s Confederation (who says the old world cannot learn something from the new, anyway?). Now, if only France and Germany can get there political heads out of their legislative assholes long enough to…

  6. Where are we? We are building the future. Every minute. So i believe, this blog is part of it – future orientated.

    Where am I? Was this Waris Diries thoughts, stumbling through Brussels? Oh by the way: I didn´t know, that taxi driver in Belgium are oversexed and underfucked.

    Where do we go? Where do we come from?

  7. The EU is the best thing that happened to the world. I fully agree. By the way I worked for the EU during more than 15 years.

    There are a series of good books on the histoory of Europe as a whole( attempts to demonstrate taht europe has a long history of union); However this is still to be developed ( and the EU Commission is ready to finance).

    In my opinion the best book on European history is ” Europe” from Norman Davies; and Braudel for the history of the Mediterranian

  8. Europe,s another deal – “error on page”. I guess that would be zero. Just another stereotypical north american scum.

  9. [quote comment=”46″]Europe,s another deal – “error on page”. I guess that would be zero. Just another stereotypical north american scum.[/quote]
    Had the same error — try the “Dial Up” link below…

  10. “error on page” – that´s what George Bush gets, while beeing on the www. And the bitter joke is, that he hardly don´t know, where Europe has it´s error.

  11. My god, Bob Again, Barry is just another very seriuous European ” guy”. He’s just taking care of the future.

    And everybody knows thet the upcoming Capital of the World ( a broad area) will soon shift from US West coast to the Eastern Asian Coast of the Pacific.

    US & EU. Lost?


  12. [quote comment=”52″]My god, Bob Again, Barry is just another very seriuous…[/quote]

    ‘scuse me. my frist reaction is, “huh?” With some careful consideration, I now believe you have misread my slap at none other than my own self, not the B-man. Sorry for the confusion of rise in blood pressure.

    Back to cave now…

  13. [quote comment=”60″]
    ‘scuse me. my frist reaction is, “huh?” With some careful consideration, I now believe you have misread my slap at none other than my own self, not the B-man.[/quote]
    In my capacity as B-man, I’m here to tell you there ain’t nothing wrong with a frist reactrion. As for the other “issue” at hand: ritalin… lithium possibly?

  14. I wouldn’t mind trying a frist reactrion myself. Does that come straight, or stirred? It does sound refreshing…

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