The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y

Here’s a brand new multipurpose FZ-database for you: The Circular Motion – A Great Google-y Moogle-y (Found at FZ in Hungary).

Tour/Gig information was arranged from FZ Shows 7.1 & Giglist, set list information from FZ Shows. Venues were extracted, duplicate venues eliminated, venue pictures downloaded & thumbnails generated, crew information gathered from IINK, links to Zappateers threads extracted semi-automatic. In addition: designing & programming a Google Maps interface.

It seems to belong to Zappateers, and according to the Manual it is made by Nadine & Tom.

And according to me – this is fan-tas-tic. I just can’t get used to the enthusiasism of some music lovers here in the internet – so many great homepages, made with lots of energy and love. Great work – thanks!