“Rock ‘n Roll Evening News” with Frank Zappa

On two separate appearances on the “Rock ‘n Roll Evening News” – one on October 11th, 1986 (clip above), and another on November 29th, 1986 (clip below), Frank Zappa explains why most aspects of popular culture (in their case, the 1980s) sucks a rat’s dick, and why nothing new is seldom ever heard or performed on television or radio (AM or FM), as well as speaks his views on drugs, politics, and concerning movements generally.

While not related to the previous clips, I thought this next one – Zappa and Band recorded live on July 21st, 1984, in Hollywood – to be a fine addendum to this particular post:

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  1. (this must have been a local L.A. type show?)

    Frank Zappa: “I like Allan Holdsworth.” (classic!)

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