Lumpy Money: The Playlist

Now that Lumpy Money orders are officially being shipped, I’ve added this 3 disc release to the discography pages. As ever, the Mighty Wiki has more background info. If anyone has had a chance to give this one a listen, feel free to leave a comment — here or at the discog page.

Lumpy Money reporting:

The Zappa Family Trust will kick off a comprehensive campaign to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the late Frank Zappa’s albums next month. “Lumpy Money,” a three-CD “audio documentary” due out Nov. 25, is the first offering in the series — and, according to Zappa’s widow Gail, the most unique.

“These two records happen to be Frank’s masterworks,” Zappa tells, “so this is the most ambitious of all the (40th anniversary) projects. The challenge is how to educate the audience to understand what ‘Lumpy Gravy’ and ‘We’re Only in It for the Money’ are, and what they’re part of.

Um… okay…

Read all about Lumpy Money here.
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