Frank Zappa’s Grand Wazoo EP, 1972

When Barry first emailed the link to the above excerpt from the bootleg EP of Frank Zappa and the Grand Wazoo Band‘s (mistakenly printed as Frank Zappa and the Petit Wazoo Orchestra on the front cover by the bootlegger) September 15th, 1972 performance at Deutschlandhalle in Berlin, West Germany, I was immediately thrust back in time to when I first purchased this very bootleg EP.
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The Little Forum That Couldn’t

Back in February, I announced a new version of the KUR forums: newer, better software, and a nicer look to boot. That forum has since turned out to be an avid gatherer of dust and tumbleweeds — mainly I guess, because this weblog has become the de facto place to discuss topics.

And so, we say goodbye to Its predecessor by the way, now an archive of sorts, can still be browsed.

The top main nav “forums” link needed to be replaced with something else, so I brought back a golden oldie: Gilles’ (does that name ring a bell?) repository of field recording CD jackets/covers, which I have dubbed: the crypt.

Check it out!

Confessions Of A Bootlegger

Surely, a fun read:

I rigged up the inside of a basketball that I cut in half, with all the gear laid out inside and taped down, buttons up, and I had a girlfriend who’d strap this on under a puffy blouse and go in pretending to be pregnant! We had wires snaked up the arms to lavalier [clip-on] mikes on her shoulders, or on either side of a hat that I rigged up. She went to the bathroom, turned it on in the stall, walked back out to the front and we were taping! But then she had to stand, not sit, in the center of the stage all night, to get the stereo sound, and everyone kept asking her ‘When are you due?’ and saying ‘You can sit in my chair’ and all that stuff got recorded too. They were babbling into the microphones and ruining my tape.”

From the same site, also check out a comic entitled The Ballad of Frank Zappa as well as this interview with Wild Man Fischer (scroll down).