The Little Forum That Couldn’t

Back in February, I announced a new version of the KUR forums: newer, better software, and a nicer look to boot. That forum has since turned out to be an avid gatherer of dust and tumbleweeds — mainly I guess, because this weblog has become the de facto place to discuss topics.

And so, we say goodbye to Its predecessor by the way, now an archive of sorts, can still be browsed.

The top main nav “forums” link needed to be replaced with something else, so I brought back a golden oldie: Gilles’ (does that name ring a bell?) repository of field recording CD jackets/covers, which I have dubbed: the crypt.

Check it out!

3 thoughts on “The Little Forum That Couldn’t”

  1. Most of us know, how much work it takes to keep a homepage alive and kickin´, Barry! It takes an awful amount of work and all this. And Sharleena and yourself have a little someone out there, who needs attention. Believe me – the both of you´se – there is much more to life, than a newer, better software, and a nicer look.

    My thoughts to the young parents and the little bugger! 😉

  2. Hey Barry, I dig the album covers in “the crypt”. And I’m sorry the forum now lives under it.

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