dEUS: Vantage Point

Legendary Belgian underground band dEUS have released a new album entitled “Vantage Point”. Featured above is their newest single “The Architect”. Quite the groove! — in an 80s Duran Duran sort of way.

Contrast this with what I consider to be one of their best songs ever, “Nothing Really Ends”:

… or perhaps their Best Song Ever is this one, “Suds & Soda”:

That skinny guy holding hands with Tom Barman while repeatedly chanting “Friday!” is Stef Kamil Karlens, now part of Zita Swoon. Compare:

Incidentally, dEUS lead singer Tom Barman is the author/director of a film called “Any Way The Wind Blows”. Do ask for it at your local DVD rental — it is a gem… Opening sequence:

Update: be sure to check out the official dEUS channel @YouTube for more video! (Ya know, before I get another C&D letter! I kid, I kid!)