Beating ‘Beat The Boots’

I subscribe to Google Web Alerts for the term “Frank Zappa”. And so earlier today, this alert turned up:

Beating BTB


Alanis Morissette type irony aside: while the ZFT continues to prohibit us from displaying so much as thumb-nailed album artwork on the discog section, there’s rampant, illegal distribution of official FZ-releases on the net.

Make a sentence, ZFT: “straight”, “priorities”, “your”, “get”… ?

Beat The Boots III

Available only from Amazon for now, Beat The Boots III, a six disc continuation of the original Beat The Boot series, is confusing the heck out of just about everybody. Official? ZFT endorsed? is not helping much as it’s currently down. Andrew says: “Back in 2003, Gail said we “can expect a new batch” of Beat The Boots. And here they finally are.”

Beat The Boots On iTunes

Yes indeed:

The Zappa Family Trust will celebrate Independence Day by making Zappa’s “Beat The Boots” series, totaling 148 tracks, for sale online. These will be the only authorized Frank Zappa albums available on iTunes.

Gail Zappa:

Even though the polar caps are melting away at such a horrendous rate we will probably never need boots again except for wading in worse cacadoody than ever, you can finally get these Beat the Boots on iTunes just in time to be reminded of Liberation of another sort on the 4th of July.