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Welcome to one hell of a discography of Zappa bootlegs! Please use the alphabetical index below.

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  Most people who do Zappa bootlegs do so because they like Zappa. They don't do it for the money. I can imagine people making money off a lot of other bootlegs but not Zappa.
  The Mystery Box bootlegger, quoted in Clinton Heylin's book BOOTLEG

We also have a page on Polish flexi-disc postcards for you, and some Russian flexi-discs.

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The Bootleg FAQ was created as a text document a long time ago by Rob Sweet, when the internet consisted of nothing more elaborate than usenet newsgroups. Robbert Heederik maintained it for a while, then Corey Ferber took over, then Bossk (R), then a highly neglectful person. In the CD-R age, it has become an anachronism. Consider it a monument to a simpler time. :)

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