Unknown Bootlegs

Please send me information on these!

KNOWN: Only Titles, Locations and/or (Partial) Dates

(Understand that I don't "know" anything about these boots in the sense that I know I have two arms and two legs. Maybe it can be compared to the way I know Elvis is alive. I'm sure many of them are copies of other boots. Also understand that boots that are neither here nor in the main lists are ALSO unknown.)


  • Mystery Disc cassette (!?)
  • Live in Europe 1966-1968 (CD, Black Panther Records)
  • Appleton Volume 2 (exact track list unknown)
  • Musical Chairs (1967/68)


  • Cheap Shot (Boston 1973 soundboard)



  • 1977 in New York
  • Live 1978 (2 LP, Stick It Out Records)
  • 1978 in New York
  • Guitar Player (Mid-Hudson Center, Poughkeepsie 21-Sep-1978)
  • Frankie Goes to London (Manchester (!) 12-Feb-1979)
  • Live in Vienna (Parts 1&2?) (Vienna 1979)
  • Brest (double LP version known, single LP version unknown)


  • Great Live Concerts (1981, "produced by Clarence White", no track separation, GLC Incorporated, 6012-4299 (the closest it has to label and record number))
  • Uptown in Chicago Part 2 (RXZ Records, part 1 is known)

1984 Tour

  • Dead Girls of Munich Part 2 (1984, WE Records - Part 1 is known)

1988 Tour

Various Hodge-Podges

  • Part 2 (Various Europe 1974-1975, xerox cover, "extended and instrumental versions" ... but part 2 of what?)
  • The Mothers Live (1968-1980) 

Big Boxes

  • The Final Tour (4-CD box, Italy, 1988 (quality has been described as "awesome"))

Singles & Stuff

  • Bobby Brown (12" 45-RPM maxi single, CH 713, made in Norway (unofficial?))
  • Live Over 20 Years, Stockholm '67/London '68 (listed in Record Collector magazine #148 (December 1991) as a 3" CD "promo" - definitely related to the Oldies But Goldies version of 'Tis the Season to Be Jelly, which was part of a Live - Over 20 Years Old series, and is comprised of Stockholm 1967 and London 1968 material)

Interview Discs

The interview discs have been moved to the Weirdo Discography.

KNOWN: Only Titles

Please send me information on these too!

  • Bingley Hall Showground (Czech/Czechoslovakian realease?)
  • Beat the Box (Crush All Boxes with bonus tracks)
  • Crush This Box (by Blind Boy Grunt - with Crush All Boxes material?)
  • Electric Tongue (CD)
  • Guamacoma &c (Togal Records, released in 1992)
  • Horseshit Magazine ("compilation"?)
  • I'm a Human Being (coloured vinyl)
  • Information Is Not Knowledge (CD)
  • Interpretano Frank Zappa (likey a cover album, and not Zappa recordings as first thought)
  • Just Another Band from LA Outtakes (CD)
  • Thank You, Mr Sting (CD)
  • The Black Pages (CD)
  • The Mothers of Intervention (Danish CD?)
  • Mystery Disc (The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label made 100 copies of this - was it perhaps the Mystery Disc from the Old Masters Box I or II? Was Kornyphone really around that long? Maybe someone else operated as Kornyphone? Or was it something different?)
  • Three-Record Set (3 LP)
  • We Are What We Watch (Z-111, blue vinyl)

And this series from a "Magic Moustache" label (thanks Eric-Jan for the info on The Lost Solos!):

  • MMM 02-01-02: Boston 1976 (2 CD)
  • MMM 01-05: Rabbit in Bondage (CD)
  • MMM 02-10-11: Santa Monica 1981 (2 CD)
  • MMM 02-12-13: Santa Monica 1980 (2 CD)
  • MMM 03-14-15-16: Halloween 1978 (3 CD)
  • MMM 03-17-18-19: Halloween 1977 (3 CD)

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