All this barrier-breaking/mind-expanding information comes from people like you. Maybe it comes from you. Previous maintainers did not credited individual contributors, but I started, and listed some of them/you below. After a while, I started sticking individual credits in the lists themselves, so the list here will probably not get much longer:

Rob Sweet - creator and first maintainer; Robbert Heederik - second maintainer, long-time grandmaster; Cory Ferber - third maintainer; My source "U" (who has been to the Bootleg FAQ what "Deep Throat" was to Watergate); Biffy the Elephant Shrew and Brad Warner for a credible story and inside information, respectively, about the Läther phenomenon; The entity known as ninja, AKA Carol Robinson, AKA Ray Santangelo, AKA the Grand Wazoo, AKA moesart2000, AKA huemay dye@sword.edg (huemay dye easter eggs), "karl kaiser", &c, &c and his bird BRUTUS; Silicon Valley Computers, JWB, Hanzo, Román García Albertos, Svend Rosendahl, Knut Skogstad, Jillis Stada, contacting the VPRO in Dutch; Jon Naurin, who knows everything; Scott Maykrantz, Splat, Kristian Kier, Venezuela and Biffy, again, for additional transcription on "My Name is Fritz"; Got to Hurry Records, The Beat Goes On Records, Diamond Records, Mellotronen Records, Early Bird Records, Sweet Freedom Records, Black Swan Records, Gellborn Records, Stockholm; Mothers Records, Tokyo; Alexander Domrin, Chiefinspector (photographer), Dan B, St Steven, Souichiro Fujita, ZZ Jeff, Ken Walter, David Wren, Dieter Jakob, Sean Gaffney, cruisin4burgers, Stephane ROUBEROL, Andreas Kerschgens, Haywoody, Harry Koch, Philip Morand, Elvis Zappa, Ben Watson, Clinton Heylin and Michael Gray, Tony Burke, Konrad, Master of Disaster, Ryan Davenport, Willie the Pimp - web page beta testing (Navigator 3.03), Guld-Ponken - manual labour, Marcel - web page beta testing (PC Internet Explorer / Navigator), hardware, photographer, Veronica - tröja; Meiji knew how to make fruit drops; Chunga - web page beta testing (Macintosh Netscape), Maria - boots, Dr István Fekete, who (among other things) first researched Paralipomeni della Batracomiomachia; Robert Reinstein,, Yoji, ******, Peter Gustenhoff, LSG, C(H)S/C, PJ, Nx, C Pater, BA Chapman, Overcooked, Magnus Delle, Richard Kolke, NOBBI (THE FIRST STEP OF ZAPPOLOGY), TCDICarlo, Fancy A Shag, Jack C Oonk, Jim Kelly, Ear Candy Records, Enzo the Baker, Feddo Reiner, Marc Ziegenhagen, Pogen, Mike Lee, Hong Kong; Corey, Swante Larsson, Jeff Howard, Thomas Constantin, Ken Walter, Oscar Bianco, Clyde Poche, Kari Herranen, KAZ.Nishihara "French Zipper", heruavenger

Also, anyone who was involved in making or naming the bootlegs Back on the Straight and Narrow, Ein Monster in der Musikhalle, Frank Zappa vs. the Tooth Fairy, Marvellous Stunner, No Bacon for Breakfast, Our Man in Nirvana, Poot Face Booogie, Rubber Slices, Safe Muffinz, Steaming Jukebox, Tiny Nightmares, Ultra-Modern Stringbean and Zurkon Music - those are the titles that caught my eye long ago when I paged through the first text versions of the Bootleg FAQ. The bootleggers will probably never know, but if it wasn't for them, I'm sure none of these pages would be here today. There was something about them I found curiously captivating; they almost conveyed the smell of the dressing rooms of the hockey rinks where some of them were recorded, and they made me want to stay up all night and watch early '80s movies on TV and think about what time it was in America but I'm rambling so:

Picture of a barking penguin. The penguin says 'ARF'.


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