Parallel Worlds

Having first aired on BBC Four about a year ago, Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives is finally given a re-run that us lowly mainland Euro’s can watch — on BBC Two:

A documentary which follows the singer of US rock band Eels, Mark Everett, as he travels across America to learn about the father he never knew – quantum physicist Hugh Everett III.

Which Eels? This Eels. Many thanks to the Beeb for broadcasting this at the ungodly hour of 12:20 am. Must… Stay… Awake…

Je Suis Dans Ta Vie! (Todeloo Doot)

We interrupt this program for a bit of nostalgia for the old European folk (preferably of the French persuasion).

Over the weekend Sharl and I watched Podium — wait, let me rephrase that. Over the weekend I gently persuaded Sharl to join me in watching Podium. Now before you get any weird ideas, Podium is a comedy about a Claude François imitator whose main character is played by Benoît Poelvoorde of Man Bites Dog fame.

Now who is this Claude François character, I hear you ask. Well, behold:

That’s CloClo performing the classic Alexandrie/Alexandra for you, somewhere back in the late 70s. Pretty shocking for those Young Sophisticates among you, I imagine. Yet I need only hear the beginning notes of that tune and BOOM — there I am: barely 10 years old, fresh out of the bath, hair neatly combed, gushing over those background dansers also known as Les Claudettes. Everything, needless to say, was much better in the seventies. Yes? (No? Discuss.)

Anyway, back on topic: imagine our surprise when during the end credits of Podium, this pops up:

To be fair, it was Sharl who spotted this. It was I who freeze-framed the screen and took the picture. But hey, see that? In their “thank you” list, they actually include Frank Zappa! One can’t but wonder why…

Moving on, here’s another tune that you may actually be familiar with:

Pfeh, a My Way cover, you shrug? Quite the opposite.

dEUS: Vantage Point

Legendary Belgian underground band dEUS have released a new album entitled “Vantage Point”. Featured above is their newest single “The Architect”. Quite the groove! — in an 80s Duran Duran sort of way.

Contrast this with what I consider to be one of their best songs ever, “Nothing Really Ends”:

… or perhaps their Best Song Ever is this one, “Suds & Soda”:

That skinny guy holding hands with Tom Barman while repeatedly chanting “Friday!” is Stef Kamil Karlens, now part of Zita Swoon. Compare:

Incidentally, dEUS lead singer Tom Barman is the author/director of a film called “Any Way The Wind Blows”. Do ask for it at your local DVD rental — it is a gem… Opening sequence:

Update: be sure to check out the official dEUS channel @YouTube for more video! (Ya know, before I get another C&D letter! I kid, I kid!)