Strictly Genteel (All Versions Mix)

This is a mix of four different arrangements / recordings of “Strictly Genteel,” synchronized measure for measure and then re-synchronized to the video.

It’s worth watching it in it’s original Youtube page, reading the detailed description of the amazing mix. Great, great work!

Author: Balint


7 thoughts on “Strictly Genteel (All Versions Mix)”

  1. An incredible piece of work, Balint. After listening, I suggest everyone go and read how this wonderful track was put together. It reminds me very much of what the band Alabama 3 did when they released basic tracks for ‘Manifesto 12 Steps Program’ to their fans to see what they would come up with. It will be interesting to see whether or not Gail and the ZFT will allow this track to stand. Hurry up and listen while you can!

  2. Wow. The LSO recording (never heard it before) sounds great in there and the montage during the parts that don’t appear in the movie is great to watch. Someone posted, “Manly tears were shed” in the comments at Youtube.

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