2 thoughts on “Rondo Hatton Report: Vol. 5”

  1. Each volume just gets better and better, Barry. While some points made in some of these essays are pretty obvious, others are downright brilliant. I particularly like how this volume includes the wide swath and representation of genders, age groups, and nationalities to which Zappa and the Mothers appeal. A little bit of academic appeal, as well as some basic fan nostalgia to balance it out. Very, very tasty. Goes well with burnt weeny sandwiches and white port lemon juice.

  2. Indeed, some interesting stuff in there (and I’ve just ordered a copy of that CD with the Bartók and Varèse works on it), but a penchant for pedantry requires me to point out that the LP loaned to Beefheart by Zappa (Blow Boys Blow – Songs Of The Sea by Ewan MacColl and AL Lloyd; I have a copy in my hand RIGHT NOW) does not contain “Wedding Dress Song” at all. It does contain “Handsome Cabin Boy” though (which has great lyrics). Apart from that, Prentis is entirely correct about the “Electricity” similarity.

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