Best FZ Covers – Delicious Band Research Kitchen

If I were to compile an awesome compilation of Frank Zappa covers, I would begin with this band, Delicious Band Research Kitchen, and these three Zappa covers – “Uncle Remus” (above), “Wonderful Wino” and “Find Her Finer” (both below) – which they performed at ‘Les Fils de l’Invention’s FZ festival’ (Sons of Invention) in Paris, France on July 5th, 2008.

Delicious Band Research Kitchen: Pedro, Jakus, Bans, Pada, Fernaing, Alex, Cat, Zaz, rv

Author: urbangraffito

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2 thoughts on “Best FZ Covers – Delicious Band Research Kitchen”

  1. [quote comment=”10722″]Pretty good musicians, but I feel I need to go on record here to say that those three “vocalists” constitute a MAJOR FAIL, as in: they cannot sing, let alone carry a tune. No offense…[/quote]

    No offense taken, Barry, they are a french group singing in English. Personally, I find them quite quaint…

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