Tunes, Treats & Torrents – Peach Noise

Ever so often a cover band comes along that absolutely impresses me with their ability to interpret Zappa’s compositions in fresh, bold new ways. The French cover band Peach Noise is one such band.

In the first clip, below, Peach Noise performs a medley from their concert at the Dansoir, Paris, in January, 2009 including excerpts from “Sofa #1”, “Dupree’s Paradise”, “Inca Roads”, “Sleep Dirt”, “Chunga’s Revenge”, “Peaches En Regalia”, “King Kong”, “Let’s Make The Water Turn Black”, “Son Of Mr Green Genes” and “Zoot Allures”.

In this second clip, from their concert at the Cité Joly in Paris, France on July 6th, 2008 Peach Noise performs the tail end of “King Kong/Muffin Man” from the end of the gig.

To get a true feel of Peach Noise‘s incredible abilities, though, listen to this selection taken from their show at Cité Joly, Paris, France, on July 6th, 2008:

Zoot AlluresPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_02 Zoot Allures.mp3]

Peaches en RegaliaPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_03 Peaches en Regalia.mp3]

Florentine PogenPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_05 Florentine Pogen.mp3]

Son of Mr Green GenesPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_07 Son of Mr Green Genes.mp3]

Pygmy TwylytePeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_08 Pygmy Twylyte.mp3]

Sleep DirtPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_10 Sleep Dirt.mp3]

Inca RoadsPeach Noise play Zappa
[audio:20100428_13 Inca Roads.mp3]

Peach Noise, feat. Benoît Moerlen – ‘Le Passage vers les étoiles’, Cité Joly, Paris, France, 6 July 2008 is available for torrent at Zappateers, here.

Peach Noise:

Nicolas Mingot (guitar)
Léonard Le Cloarec (tenor sax)
Philby Brunelli (bass)
Charly Doll (drums)

Special Guest:

Benoît Moerlen (vibes, marimba, percussion)

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