Zappa Night In Antwerp

Peter of United Mutations dropped me a note about the upcoming Zappa Night in Antwerp, which is to take place this Saturday:

Antwerp Zappa Night


Doors will open at 21.00 h, and the opening band, Shit-Gun, will take the stage shortly thereafter. Main feature will be the concert by Captain CheeseBeard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention, and this will probably kick off at around 21.40 h. In the meantime, there will also be some video screenings, and there will be a little market where you might be able to find that one little thing that you have been looking for for so long…

Looks to be a very cool initiative! Oh, and did I mention there be free tickets? Sharl and I would love to attend but, well, you know

5 thoughts on “Zappa Night In Antwerp”

  1. You know, Barry, being a fan of Captain CheeseBeard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention, I, too, wish I could attend. I sure hope that they record this event (as Captain CheeseBeard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention have their last few gigs). They truly are an exceptional band.

  2. What a pitty that i read this 2 days to late. i would be there for sure. guess its my own fault. DAMN

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