Does Doo Belong In Bop? – Frank Zappa, a Memorial Barbecue

Everyone knows the soft spot I hold for Zappa Tribute Bands of all shapes, sizes and origins. This Finnish group of musicians performing the Zappa Tribute, “Does Doo Belong In Bop? – Frank Zappa, a Memorial Barbecue” Live at the Doo-Bop Club in Vasa, Finland, on December 11th, 2008, is no different. Quirky, humorous, eccentric – at most they bring a special zeal to Zappa’s compositions (which brought a definite smile to my own face), and at very least, another in a very long list of tribute bands despised by GZ and the Zappa Family Trust.


The Black Page #2 (above)
Trouble Every Day
Let’s Move To Cleveland
Titties ‘N’ Beer (below)
Zomby Woof

The musicians:

Robert Kock – vocals & guitar
Janne Hyoty – guitar
Dani Stromback – keyboards
Eero Paalanen – misc stunts
Stefan Lindblom – bass
Stefan Brokvist – drums
Peter Nordwall – sax

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2 thoughts on “Does Doo Belong In Bop? – Frank Zappa, a Memorial Barbecue”

  1. Did anybody dance?

    That was great. Even the freaky high vocals from the guy on the right. 🙂 It must be an incredible feeling to be able to nail that song at a gig. Dats a lot o’ prac-ta-sin’ fer sure!

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