The Chicago Ate present Joe’s Garage

On March 9th, 2009, the Chicago Ate (or) The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Employees’ Union Memorial Band (Chicago Chapter) presented “Joe’s Garage” at the ‘Martyr’s’ club in Chicago.


Colby Beserra, Matt Reed, and Ben Wilson – vocals
Chris Siebold and Mike Pinto – guitars
Paul Mutzbaugh – keys
Chris Clemente – bass
Rick Vitek – drums
Amanda Berg Wilson – Mary

In the above clip they perform “Packard Goose” while in the clip below they perform “Stick It Out”. A recording of this show is available at Zappateers.

Joe’s Garage (TUMRKEUMB).. Stick it Out

Some weird FZ related news.

While GZ and the ZFT hound musicians, tribute bands, bully corner pubs, and litigate festivals for celebrating and keeping the music of FZ alive — it seems that GZ has approached the actor Lucy Lawless to perform a Frank Zappa cover…

After Gene Simmon’s “Black Tongue” made him the first licensee for Frank material from Extraordinary Teamwork which manages the licensing of Frank’s unreleased music (By the terms of the license Zappa will have to be given a co-writing credit on the song), one really has to wonder what other co-writing credits are in the future for Frank besides Simmons/Zappa and Lawless/Zappa? Sid Vicious/Zappa or even, Abba/Zappa? Keeping this in mind, how concerned is the ZFT about Frank’s legacy anyway? If you ask me, “Black Tongue” or a cover version by Xena could do more harm than any tribute band.

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6 thoughts on “The Chicago Ate present Joe’s Garage”


    stuff like this. Simmons and Lawless are probably attempts to show a more playful side to esoteric Zappa sounds, though it all seems (at best) uncomfortable, like necrophilia.

    Throwing away the hypocrisy and logic within the context of what ZFT endorses vs. what they condemn, I often wonder if this stuff makes us (those who condone the Alumni’s work) feel the same way as the Zappas feel when they see unlicensed tribute bands.

    to each his own,
    to leach his own,
    to teach his own…

  2. I felt like I was on drugs when I read the “weird FZ related news”. It’s just beyond bizarre. Try to stop Project/Object but get Lucy Lawless record a Zappa inspired song??


    Once again, Spinal Tap is apropos:

    “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever. ”
    “Yeah, just that little twist.”

  3. I happen to like Gene Simmons (and Kiss) and ‘Black Tongue’ isn’t bad. But Lucy Lawless?!

  4. Oh yeah, in Lucy’s article it says that Gail came over to her show at the ROXY!!! Sometimes the irony is too much to bear!

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