Zappanale (Then & Now) — Sex without Nails bros

Masterminded by the Austrian legend Wickerl Adam, and formed as an offshoot of the Hallucination Company in 1998 (an Austrian rock music theater project also founded by Wickerl in 1977 that operated in a “Frank Zappa-oriented, modern rock music performance theater with political demands”) along with guitarist Conrad SchrenkSex without Nails bros performed the first full Musical adaptation of Zappa’s Joe’s Garage on the tenth anniversary of the artist’s death in 2003.

S.W.N.B.’s Joe’s Garage MuZZical performance at Zappanale 14 (July 26th, 2003) performing “Stick it Out”:

S.W.N.B. also performed at Zappanale 18 (August 4th, 2007) as a rock band with Napoleon Murphy Brock on guest vocals. In the following clips they perform “Penguin In Bondage”, “Pygmy Twylyte” and “Yellow Snow Suite”:

Sex without Nails bros bandmembers:

Margit Schoberleitner – Percussion, marimba
Hannes Kerschner – Keyboards
Jil Y Creek – Guitar
Werner Laher – Bass
Sigi Meier – Drums
Angie Reisinger – Vocals
Anzo Morawitz – Vocals
Peter Dürr – Vocals
Conrad Schrenk – Guitar
Wickerl Adam – Vocals, MC

Sex without Nails bros will be performing again on the Zappanale 20 Main Stage.

Sex without Nails bros
Sex without Nails bros

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  1. When “Joe´s Garage Pt. 2/3” was released, there was a shop assistant in my local recordshop (here in The Fatherland), who always put on “Stick It Out” very loud when possible, which irritated the people, when they suddenly caught the germans lyrics.

    Listening to the Central Scrutinizer narrating his lines in German gives a whole new dimension to it. Not so much interested in cover bands of any kind, I didn´t know “Sex Without Nails Bros”, but watching them perform is quite enjoyable.

    Do I open up to cover bands? (Did I wrote this?) 😉

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