Mothers Night: A Ten Hour Marathon

Rich of another Ugly Radio writes:

We are doing a ten hour marathon of The Mothers on Portland OR station KBOO this Friday night starting at 8pm (PST). That’s right, it’s time once again to remember our Mothers. Of course we mean The Mothers of Invention. Frank Zappa’s seminal band of renegade freaks and musical experimentalists. Bizarre and hilarious indigenous “folk” music, borne of the denizens of the streets of 1960s Los Angeles and El Monte.

Join us FRIDAY, MAY 8TH from 8:00 pm until 6:00 am. Featuring rare live performances, “incidents”, interviews, and special Mothers gifts for those who decide to become a MEMBER of Community Radio KBOO during the broadcast.

Folks around the world can listen in on the web at
Some highlights from last year.

6 thoughts on “Mothers Night: A Ten Hour Marathon”

  1. Nothing like a Mother’s Marathon to bring Mother’s freaks from near and far together! Ten hours? I’m game. It’s community stations like KBOO FM that have the nerve (or perhaps the sheer audacity) to put on 10 straight hours of Mothers/Zappa music. Bless them, bless them, bless every last one of them, I say (I’ve heard that in the Portland radio landscape, of 20 stations, 17 are owned by just 4 corporations). In the city where I live, and my son is a part time DJ, he can only slip in the occasional Mother’s/Zappa tracks here and there. But definitely not an hours worth. Ten hours of Zappa? A Marathon? Thank goodness for KBOO and community radio. The corporate agenda hasn’t completely taken over. There is still room for offbeat and irreverent programming.

  2. Holy Frank Zappa, Batman!

    I wonder if KBOO is going to broadcast these early recordings, which can be found here:

    Helmed by Freak Out producer Tom Wilson, The Boy Wonder Sessions began as a quick-buck 45 recorded by Burt Ward, a.k.a. Robin from the 60s TV show Batman. Originally taped in June 1966, “Boy Wonder I Love You” features Burt reading a teenage fan letter over a Frank Zappa written & arranged recording with some of the Mothers of Invention (don’t miss the essential punch line). The B-side is a Nat King Cole hit, “Orange Colored Sky,” given a comic, Mothers-style “American Drinks And Goes Home” arrangement, again by Frank. Other tracks were recorded, supposedly for a follow up single that was never released. One of the instrumental tracks, “Variant 1,” is quite extraordinary. Presumably written by Zappa, it would have fit nicely on Lumpy Gravy, even though the orchestration sounds straight out of the British TV show, The Prisoner (not broadcast until a year later).

    You´re gonna have a good laugh! 😉

  3. Okay Barry, thanks for mentioning the fact. You´re a well observing kind of a webmaster. I salute you!

  4. yes, bless you Barry, and bless the rest of youse freaks, too. especially you mr. roland, for this Boy WOnder gem i had long since 4gotten about. i am, btw, the “ringmaster” or something akin, for this yearly feast of Mothers i began at KBOO about 25 years ago and just haven’t seen reason to let up yet. and i’ll prolly keep doing this until someone stops me, or this music becomes irrelevant, or the year finally comes where we don’t hear something we haven’t yet (hasn’t happened yet in 25 years), or there’s just nothing left to sit on.

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