2 thoughts on “Essra Mohawk On Frank Zappa”

  1. [quote]”Frank may have been the first yuppie”.[/quote]

    Yes, Essra’s still a hippie, but who’s the freak interviewing her?

  2. Essra Mohawk appears to be one of the many New York musicians who kept a regular attendance at the Garrick Theater, and it’s far more likely that Zappa asked her to perform with the Mothers, much rather than actually join the group. Anyone who followed the history of those Garrick performances surely knows that anyone in attendance at any one time could be made part of the ongoing festivities.

    Unlike Ruth Komanoff (later Underwood) who was an actual, bonafide member of the Mothers of Invention from 1969 to 1977, who both toured and recorded with the band — Essra Mohawk did not. I can only suspect that she is making more of her association with Zappa than there actually was. Zappa did, after all, sign her to his production company Bizarre, and release her first album. Isn’t that enough?

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