Jazz Ain’t Dead — Duke/Cobham

In the above clip, from Dutch TV in 2003, George Duke and friends perform “Brazilian Love Affair”, with a closing part of “Echidna’s Arf”.

George Duke (piano/vocals)
Lori Perry (vocals)
Robert Brookings (keyboards)
Ray Fuller (guitar)
Mike Manson (bass)
Gordon Campbell (drums)

In the second clip, the Billy Cobham/George Duke Band perform Cobham’s “Stratus” at the 1998 Montreux Jazz Festival.

Billy Cobham (drums)
George Duke (keyboards)
Carl Orr (guitar)
Stefan Rademacher (bass)

While missing the original flavor of Alphonso Johnson on bass, and John Scofield on guitar, both Orr and Rademacher rise up to the challenge left by their predecessors.

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6 thoughts on “Jazz Ain’t Dead — Duke/Cobham”

  1. As brilliantly as they all are, I for one have to admit that I am spoiled by FZ for that kind of entertainment. These noodling-arounds are boring over time when there is no “content”, whatever that might be. Some regions of my brain are drifting off when not stimulated by wit, some bite, provocation or other importance for my everyday life. My diet is getting rare but that’s the way it is.

  2. Just want to mention the MPS release of a package of 4 CDs with the – let´s say – early oeuvre of George Duke. I always liked him a lot and he is brilliant. FZ plays guitar on some tunes and Duke offers two songs from the FZ catalogue (“Uncle Remus” & “Echidna’s Arf”), too. For me by far the best of these releases is “I love the blues, she heard my cry”, but this is – as always – a matter of personal taste.

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