5 thoughts on “Eddie Loves Frank”

  1. UG loves Eddie, too, Balint. I remember the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt when I finally tracked down a copy of The Ed Palermo Big Band Plays the Music of Frank Zappa. I don’t think I ceased playing that CD for a week (got to love those horns, especially the woodwinds). He may not be an original Mother, or even an alumni, but his obvious love and devotion to Frank’s music (and how his Big Band keeps Zappa’s music alive and fresh to generations both old and new) makes him an honorary Mother in my book.

  2. Can hardly wait for this… Ed is very popular in this house. To me he has such a depth and understanding in his arrangements that I am sure FZ would have smiled.

    I love that he can play complex “serious” FZ music and make it fun, something that FZ did but all the players since never quite manage.

  3. [quote comment=”5098″]”Eddy Loves Frank”!
    What kind of a title is that?
    He’s So Gay..(?)[/quote]

    Are you really ready to open up this “homo-erotic” can of worms, Roscoe?

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