The Berlusconi Protest Song Project

Michel Delville of Belgian FZ tribute band The Wrong Object writes in to announce an interesting project:

There is a new myspace page devoted to musical responses to the New Fascism in all its guises and disguises. Please come and visit us here.

For now, there’s one track there entitled “Berlusconi Über Alles”, a somewhat hastily recorded cover from The Dead Kennedys.

You are however encouraged to submit any and all of your songs/covers as long as they aim to oppose and expose fascism — whether it be Berlusconi or any other xenophobe ultra-right-wing fruitcake.

Have at it kids, and be sure to let us know of any tracks you’ve submitted!

YouTubery Update (mildly NSFW):

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  1. This is greatly appreciated. We’ve been going through some pretty bad times here in italy so all kinds of help is good. Especially if it involves music and the funny.

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