Return to Forever – Space Circus plus Interview

Something old and something new: two video clips of Return to Forever – the first, Space Circus, and the second, the 2008 return of Return to Forever interview. Tasty stuff. Dig in.

Author: urbangraffito

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One thought on “Return to Forever – Space Circus plus Interview”

  1. Chick Corea is just such an outstanding pianist, and always was – he absolutely kills on Bitches Brew – that I hate to say anything bad about him or this band. But…let me put it like this: it’s not fair to Corea or anybody else who wrote stuff for RTF to have to compare to Zappa music. It doesn’t mean that the RTF stuff is shit, but…..I just listened to Farther Oblivion/Cucamonga (above) and then this. err…um..the RTF stuff sounds like Smooth Jazz in comparison.

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